Option 1.

The standard purchase plan for a 24 Vest LASER MANIA GAME SYSTEM.  The benefits of this plan are: reduced out of pocket cost, 6-10 week lead time for customized options, assistance in arena design considerations, etc.  The earlier we get involved in your decision process....the more mis-steps we can help you avoid.

Details can vary, but the most common terms are: $20,000 down, $20,000 due on delivery, and the final $24,000 in installments.  We offer this financing interest free.


Option 2.

In certain circumstances Laser Mania Game Systems may be able to connect interested operators with joint venture partners.  These are uncommon...but not impossible.   Details of such arrangements will be worked out on a case by case basis.


Option 3.

Laser Mania is currently investigating leasing companies that may wish to participate with clients.  If financial institutions are agreeable, we will connect  customers with lease agents.


Option 4.

For those desiring a non-standard package... 1/3 down, 1/3 on delivery, 1/3 financed.  This option may be better suited to those operating midway attractions or add-ons to an amusement center.  This option may also be attractive to those who wish to start small and grow with time.  The basic formula for calculating system costs is $1,850 per vest + 20,000 (PC, software, support equipment, spares, tech support, etc)