Dual Mode Blaster

Weight:         20 oz

Outputs:       Modulated Laser 635-650 nm Range >150 ft

                        Broadbeam LED 635nm Range < 5 ft

Programmable Sounds*

Handset Vibration when tagged

Programable Variables:   Shot Count 01 - Infinity

                                                Shot Duration 05 - 10 msec

                                                Shot Rate Continuous - 1 per sec

                                                Broadbeam Enable/Disable

                                                Sounds Enable/Disable

Cord:                                     5ft coil 26 gauge 4 wire stranded

                                                Locking bayonet connector

The lightweight blaster requires two hands for operation, keeping speed and range of motion within safe limits. The six-barrel nosepiece can be fitted with a closed cell foam guard. (Not Shown)

Blasters are quick-connect mounted and may be replaced during game play without loss of data.

*All game sounds can be customized at time of purchase…allowing unmatched flexibility for theme.



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